About me

ONUNWA PRINCE (2)I am Chigozie Prince Onunwa by name, Gozie Prince for short, a freelance writer obsessed with art of writing, and I’m from Nigeria. As a freelance writer, I offer professional service to clients from Health, Lifestyle and Business world.

My services encloses writing for them, about them and do tell their stories also. This I do in the form of articles and blog posts of various kinds (how-to-dos, tips, expository, informative, etc.), copywriting, content marketing, case studies, book ghosting (e-book), ghost writing and any other way I can be of help to them.

This services rendered do meet the need of my clients, proffer solutions, educate, inform, convince and in some cases compel their willful mind to an action, which could be to buy, register for a course or subscribe to your email list and stuffs like that. Well… you too can benefit from my services and can’t but be satisfied at the results if only you click on HIRE. Just as the saying goes, the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Putting formalities aside…

You are here because you must be looking for a professional freelance writer who is able to give voice to your product or share your services to a listening audience. Probably, one that will create contents that will educate, inform or expose a particular subject matter in your blog or website to your audience, and compel them to do something, which most of the time is to buy, register for a course or subscribe to your email list…

You’ve got this wonderful video, webinar, podcast, etc. that you wanted your readers or audience to spend their time on, maybe it’s an app, tech, an e-book, a product or a service, even a business idea, that addresses a particular matter and will be of great help to your readers, all you need is well arranged WORDS. By words, I mean well-structured and targeted CONTENTS with quality info embedded.

Ah! The biz guys are not left out, you need content to reach out to the world with your business and convert your daily readers to customers. Maybe you have this thing in your heart that you want to put into a book, an eBook, and you needed someone who does it well… Well, I’m gonna tell you the truth, and nothing but the truth, “You just landed just in the right place”.

All you need to do is to let me know how I can help you and I’ll do just that. I’m open for hire. You can get to me at gprincewrites@gmail.com